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All About Rides

If you have found yourself on this page you are probably looking for one of two things. 
• You want to go on a ride. Check out the Events Calendar  to see what works for you.
• You would like to lead a ride.

If you would like to lead a ride, click here to contact the Ride Coordinator and check out the responsibilities of a ride leader here. You will also need a Ride Leader form, click Ride Leader Form to download a copy. Ride leaders need to be a Skagit Bicycle Club member in good standing .

Leading a Ride

Group rides are a great way to meet people. But here are some things you should know before you lead a ride. 
It’s a good idea to plan ahead. If you wait until the day before or even the week before you want to lead your ride it probably won't make the schedule. The ride Events calendar is published monthly. If time is short and the need is great contact Ride Coordinator to get a ride added to the Events calendar. 

Know your speed

To aid people in choosing and leading a ride we have developed a complex system of categorizing speed. It works like this:

E: Easy under 10mph
S: Social10-12 mph
M: Moderate 12-16 mph
B: Brisk 16-20 mph
St: Strenuous 20+ mph 

Pay attention to these symbols on the ride calendars. We all enjoy riding together but most of us do not consider a 26mph average speed to be a social ride even if it includes a cup of coffee and a brief conversation outside a sani-can 60 miles from home. 

Provide a map with your cell phone number on it for participants in case people get separated. Most of us know where we are going but a map will enhance the experience for someone new to the club. The club has a Ride With GPS account and members have developed a library of local rides. Feel free to select a route from the library or use RWGPS to make a new route. To use the club RWGPS account you must be a club member and setup a RWGPS membership and login for the club account. Contact our RWGPS Coordinator for more information.

We encourage nonmembers to ride with us. We are out here to make friends. Everyone signs the release and wears a helmet. NO HELMET, NO RIDE . We do encourage those that want to ride regularly to join because of liability insurance issues. 

Rides do not have to be particularly long or challenging. A group ride is about riding with a group and making new friends. (After they are your friends and trust your judgement feel free to put the screws to them).