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Hello Jerry and SBC members


Skagit Bicycle Club has added two functions to our NEW website to enhance members communication of cycling interests.




This is a Classic Bikes Discussion Forum for SBC members with interest in Classic Bikes . We anticipate this to be one of many new communication functions that will be implemented in the near future. We hope you will consider participating in these two additions:


MEMBER INTERESTS- These are cycling interest categories members optionally select to direct SBC website communications based on members selected interest(s). PLEASE SELECT YOUR INTERESTS from the SBC website.

-Open and log in @ Member Log In

(Click) Member Login- Select: PROFILE…. Website…..Member Interests


-Open and log in @ Member Log In

-MENU (Green Box on left with HOME as first item) — MEMBER INTERESTS

-Select desired Forums from the (4) major categories and 

(click) “SIGN ME UP”


INTEREST DISCUSSION FORUM-Forums facilitate a variety of different  “discussion threads” (topics) within the Forums Interest category. SBC members are automatically enrolled in the corresponding  INTEREST DISCUSSION FORUM when the member selects desired MEMBER INTEREST(s).


Each MEMBER INTEREST  and FORUM have an assigned  co-ordinator / moderator. The moderator/co-ordinator is to provide guidance and direction for the Forum, and  communicate ideas to the SBC Board for support. 


We have taken the initiative to select Jerry Ziegler as an initial moderator and added a few  SBC members to participate in this initial Forum “roll out” .  


As moderator and participants, your activity could begin by:

1) Start communicating with current members in the areas of your interest (perhaps the Bike Map)


Thank You for your consideration, and partipation. Please reply to this forum message (which includes me) and we can communicate on your interest and questions. 


Steve Jahn- SBC- Website - Interests and Forums

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