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The Skagit Bicycle Club is ALL ABOUT RIDES, so if you find yourself on this page . . . welcome! 


About Registering to Join Group Rides for Everybody:

Whether you are a long-time Club member, a new member, or a non-member, you are welcome to join any ride on our Event Calendar.  Our group road rides contain a variety of skill levels, distances, and types of bikes.  The process to register for a ride is easy.  

How to Register for a Ride Overview: 

All rides are published on our Event Calendar, which is accessed from the menu options on our Home Page.  Just click on the ride you are interested in attending, read the details provided about the ride, download the route map if you wish to, then complete the registration form that is required.  As part of the registration, you are asked to read and agree to the Club's Ride Policy including its requirements as they pertain to Covid. You can also see who else is scheduled to attend the ride. 

Once you have signed up, you are not obligated to attend the ride, but as a courtesy to the Ride Leader it is appreciated that you go back to the Event Calendar and cancel your reservation should you decide not to attend.  

It is also recommended that just before you leave home for the ride, you go back to our website and double-check that the ride is still scheduled -- occasionally rides are cancelled at the last minute for weather or other reasons.  For members, in addition to checking the calendar, a Rider Quick Alert email message will be sent to you if the ride is cancelled or altered in any way, so checking your email before you leave home is helpful as well. 

How to Register for a Ride Step-by-Step:

1.  Click on EVENT CALENDAR  on the left-hand side of the HOME PAGE to view our calendar.  Or, click here:  


2.  Once you see the calendar, click on any ride or event  listed to reveal more details about it.  Be aware that ride difficulty is indicated by the following notations:

Ride Designation Speed mph

Easy                           <10

Social                         10-13

Moderate                    13-16

Brisk                          16-19

Road Warrior - Race    19+++

All Rides are No-Drop, with the exception of the Road Warrior/Race group, unless otherwise noted. No Drop riding means the group generally sticks together and will use points along the route to regroup. As E-bikes become more prevalent, it is important that we keep the social aspect of our rides and ride smoothly within the expected speed of a group ride designation.  As a refresher for experienced riders and info for newer riders, check out The Basics of Group Ride Etiquette from TrainingPeaks by clicking on the button below. All riders have the opportunity when they register to download a PDF map or a Ride With GPS map.  It is recommended that you bring your own copy of the route with you to the ride.  Ride Leaders will verbally review the route at the start of the ride, but new members and non-members are especially urged to have a copy of the route with them. 


3.  Just before leaving home for the ride, it's smart to check back online for any updates about your chosen ride.  The Ride Leader will list any last-minute details such as weather issues, time or location changes, or ride cancellations.  You can find these messages on the HOME page by clicking on the RIDER ALERT QUICK NOTICE button. Or, just click here: 
Rider Alert Quick Notice     

More About Registering for a Ride for Non-Members:


We encourage non-members to ride with us and test out our Club. We welcome folks of all biking levels, from beginner to seasoned champs!  We are out here to make friends. 

Non-members are allowed to participate in one "test ride" to see how they like our Club.  You can register for any ride by clicking on our Event Calendar on our Home Page, clicking on the ride that interests you, and then clicking on "register" to sign up.  (For details, refer to How to Register for a Ride Step-by-Step, above). After one "test ride," if you would like to continue riding with our Club you will need (for insurance reasons) to sign up for an annual membership. Membership is $30 for individuals and $35 for a family. 

Be sure to let the Ride Leader know who you are when you arrive for your "test ride" so that he/she can fill you in our ride and safety issues.  If you wish to continue riding with our Club, you will need to join (for liability reasons) to further participate.  

                                       ALL RIDERS PLEASE NOTE: 

            EVERYONE must register online which includes reading our Ride Policy and Covid Policy,
                                                        and must wear a helmet.   

                                                   NO FORM, NO HELMET, NO RIDE.  

About Route Maps:

If you need a map, whether to lead a ride or just to find your way, the Club has an extensive library of mapped routes.  Ride Leaders usually designate a route map on the ride registration site, which you can download to make your own copy to bring along on the ride.  Maps are usually in PDF and/or RWGPS (Ride with GPS) format; the former allows you to print a paper copy; the latter can be downloaded to your Smartphone, GPS device, or bike computer. 

Only members can access the route library.

To see the collection of routes, click on the following button. Route Library This button can also be found on the Home Page for members under the menu item Weekly Ride Details/Docs: Route Maps

Additionally, the Club has a Ride with GPS (RWGPS) service available for members.  To use the Club's RWGPS account you must be a Club member and set up a RWGPS membership and Login for the Club account.  Contact our RWGPS Coordinator, Phil, McLoud, for more information. RWGPS Coordinator

About How Weekly Rides are Structured / Departure Points / Timing:


Note:  Details are subject to change without notice, so check out our Ride Calendar as well before heading out to a ride:



April - October 2024


As the weather warms and the days lengthen, we are all starting to think about getting out on our bikes. With that in mind here’s how we plan to conduct the Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday daytime rides.


The rides will be shown on the Event Calendar on the club webpage. As we did last year participants will need to sign up for the rides using the Event Calendar. If conditions are iffy and you’re unsure whether you want to ride, you can signup up to an hour before the ride starts. If circumstances are such that you can’t ride there is no penalty for not showing up. Just know that the ride will start at the scheduled time whether you’re there or not unless you specifically let the rider leader know you’re running late. Delaying the ride for you will be at the discretion of the ride leader.


Setting up each of these weekday rides in the event calendar will be done by the following Ride Organizers. However, they will need help in leading each of these rides since they will not be able to be present for each and every ride. So, we need volunteers to step up as ride leaders for each of these rides. If you have enjoyed participating in these rides in past years take this opportunity to step up and volunteer as a ride leader. Just contact one of the Ride Organizers listed below to help out.


Monday Brisk / Moderate ride, TBD

Monday Social Ride, TBD

Tuesday Social Ride, TBD

Thursday Joy Ride, Phil McLoud,


The following rides and guidelines will be followed for April through October of this year.



  • Each Monday ride will start at 10 am.
  • Locations will be designated for each month at different locations around the county.
  • All riders should register online for either the moderate or brisk ride and sign the ride waiver.
  • Each ride will have a Ride Organizer. The Ride Organizer will determine the general route and provide Ride With GPS maps at their discretion.
  • The riders in each group (moderate and brisk) will determine their exact route and pace.
  • Each group will try to stick together to ensure everyone has a good and safe ride.
  • Starting locations by month
  • TBD

MONDAY SOCIAL RIDE: Social pace only

  • TBD


TUESDAY SOCIAL RIDE: Social pace only.

  • TBD


  • Each Thursday ride will start at 10 am.
  • Locations will be designated for each month at different locations around the county.
  • All riders should register online and sign the ride waiver.
  • Each ride will have a Ride Leader. The Ride Leader will determine the general route and provide Ride With GPS maps at their discretion.
  • Each group will try to stick together with designated regrouping spots to ensure everyone has a good and safe ride.
  • Starting locations by month
  • April – Woolley Market, Sedro Woolley
  • May – Allen Play Fields
  • June – Corner Pub
  • July – Edgewater Park Mount Vernon
  • August – Maiben Park, Burlington
  • September – Woolley Market, Sedro Woolley
  • October – Mount Vernon Park South and Ride

SBC encourages members to start new scheduled rides and one-off rides. The SBC website QUICK EVENT listing capability and RIDER ALERT communication tools are great member announcement tools that make it easy to schedule a ride on short notice.