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Mountain Biking

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Should also advise the Team is seeking Mountain Bikes for kids families to PURCHASE. If you have good mountain bikes that are "gathering dust" but in good shape,  this could be a great place to sell your bike at a reasonable price, and know it is going to be appreciated and used.  

Julie Gold 360) 708-0125
Julie Slater  (360) 770-6040

Thanks for your consideration 

Steve Jahn
Phil McLoud and Steve Jahn visited the kick-off meeting of the Anacortes Mountain Bike Team- They are 55-60 Bboys and girls in grades 7-12, who are being taught how to mountain bike, race, and enjoy the outdoors. The training and 4 races run from now through June 3. They are seeking adult  "Ride Leaders" , especially for the junior grades, who will ride with up to 6 students and a Trainer. There are 3 , 1 Hr late afternoon training rides per week. You don't need to commit to all days every week. Women Ride Leaders MUCH desired. 

Kevin Foss ( 360-420-4563 ) will conduct "Ride leader" training on Saturday, Feb 3 from 10 am to 3 PM. Ride Leader registration and Insurance is $30. Contact Kevin or Julie Gold ((360) 708-0125 ) Riding is in the Anacortes Forrest Lands. 

The kids are great and parental support excellent. There will be an article in the SBC Saddle Post Intelligencer soon.

Hope you consider combining your mountain bike riding with some VERY fun and deserving voluntarism.

Steve Jahn
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